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It took me about 5 minutes

I ordered this tool and my ship notification was quickly followed by a link to a YouTube instruction which insured that I would be successful using the tool. My first try was very successful I managed to remove the meat from a coconut in 3 pieces. 2 pieces on one half and the other half came out whole. It took me about 5 minutes.

The tool is sturdy. You can feel free to pry hard with it. As other reviewers have noted, it does not make the job effortless but for folks tired of getting tiny bits of meat out of a coconut with various inappropriate tools, this is the solution.

In a few moments, you get ALL of the meat out!

Living In Hawaii, we have Coconuts ALL over the place, I keep a big machette and the Coconut tool in my car and can pop them open in a few moments and get ALL of the meat out, great idea, great tool, IT WORKS.

It removes big chunks of coconut out in 1/4 of the time!

This coconut tool safely and easily removes big chunks of coconut out of the shell in 1/4 of the time it took me to get it out with a knife. I recommend this tool to everyone that likes fresh coconut, and appreciates their fingers!!

Easy even for an old woman like me

Amazing! This tool is even easy for an old woman like me to use. The meat pops out like magic!!

Cut the time in half and yielded far more meat

My wife and I recently discovered the health benefits of fresh coconut. I set out to open my own coconuts. After much frustration and very little yield it was time to go to the internet for help. I soon found the coconut tool and the video on how to use it.

Despite my skepticism (this couldn’t possibly work this easy) I decided to purchase one. After watching the video once more I went to work on my next coconut. All I can say is WOW! I see a lot of products on-line or on infomercials and when purchased do not measure up to the task. What a surprise the coconut tool was.

It went well beyond my expectations! Not only did it cut the time in half but the yield was far greater than I could have ever expected. I would highly recommend the coconut tool to anyone who enjoys the taste and health benefits of fresh coconut. Thank you for creating a helpful tool to make my life easier.

This tool is very strong

This tool is very strong and almost perfect for the tough job of digging out the meat of the coconut. It is also very safe and secure even when bearing down on a stubborn coconut. The slight problem is that the curve of the blade is not perfect for every coconut due to the varying sizes of the coconuts. It is a well thought out tool.

It really, REALLY works!

I LOVE coconut meat, but avoid it most of the time because of the difficulty I have had in getting the coconut meat out of the shell! No longer. I was given this coconut tool by a friend, so decided to give a brown coconut ONE MORE TRY.

It didn’t come out quite as neatly as the picture, but honestly, I had all the meat out of that coconut in less than 3-4 minutes. That is a far cry faster than the last time when I searched the internet for viable “solutions” for 2 days and when I finally got around to finishing the nasty job the coconut had molded and I had to toss it out. NOT anymore!!

If you are a coconut eater, do not hesitate to purchase this tool. It really, REALLY works.

This tool rocks!

My husband and I are juicing and coconut with pineapple is our night time treat. This tool rocks! Works great!!

Saves you tons of time and frustration!

If you want to use fresh coconut, you’re really need this tool. It doesn’t take too much of a time to get used to it but it does save you tons of time and frustrations.

I am so happy to find this tool

I want to make coconut oil, and coconut milk, and coconut cream by myself. Without this simple tool, I would be already a quitter. I am so happy to find this thing and even more happy to use it!

If you want to do anything with fresh coconut, give yourself a favor – buy this little thing.

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