I hate processed foods…. That’s why out country is so sick and disease ridden. The foods that we are putting into our bodies are literally KILLING US. The more raw foods you put into your body the healthier you will be.

Here is a step by step process hoe to make coconut milk

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2 Responses to How to make coconut milk (video)

  1. Gordon Steeves says:

    great video on coconut milk, i have a kitchenaid blender that i use and also a Kuvings upright masticating juicer that i use as well, makes great coconut milk for my breakfast shakes, and the special knife is a blessing for sure

  2. Bestamazonfood.Com says:

    omg, thank you so much for posting this! It is gonna aid me when I get Coconut Milk at the store! Beautiful!

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