It Shouldn’t Take A Fat Man With A Machette Just To Open A Coconut!

Hi, I’m Dr. Hugh Wegwerth and I’m the original creator of my patent-pending invention, The Coconut Tool®… a tool so fantastic, once you use it I’m confident you’ll NEVER try to open a coconut again without one!

The reason why I invented The Coconut Tool® is the same reason you are looking to purchase it.

I started doing lots of research on the benefits of raw coconut meat for my patients and myself. For decades and decades the government has been telling us that coconut fat was bad for us!

A Fat Man Opening a Coconut with a Machete

It shouldn’t take a fat man with a machete to open a coconut!


If you go to any credible resource on the internet to learn about the benefits of coconut fat and coconut meat the data is over whelmingly positive. COCONUT MEAT AND COCONUT FAT WILL HELP REDUCE AND ELIMINATE ALMOST EVERY DISEASE YOU ARE SUFFERING WITH. That is just the factually research.

I suggest going to to find out the most current research about benefits of coconuts. My journey started in the winter of 2010 when I tried to get the meat out of a coconut for the first time, particularly an old or brown coconut.

That was an impossible task.

I started to do research on the internet looking for a tool that would remove coconut meat fast and easy without cutting my finger off. I found nothing to help my dilemma.

I started to think about what I would need to get the meat out of the coconut. At this point I had the idea that I must not be the only person with this problem!!

I live in Minnesota and I started to call around to local machine shops trying to find a shop that would work with me to develop a tool. My luck would have it that I found an 84 year old man “Pete” that had a very, very small machine shop.

The equipment was from the 50’s and was in violation of every OSHA law known to mankind. This shop still had metal shaving on the ground that were from the 50’s.


We developed over a dozen different prototypes. Each prototype had a different sized blade, different metals, different handles until we developed the PERFECT tool to remove meat from a coconut in less than 60 seconds.

I built a $50 website, which at the time I had NO idea how a website worked. I started selling these tools online and couldn’t keep up with orders.

At this time I was just selling the tool itself with no packaging. Each tool was handmade by Pete the 84 year old machinist. The demand was HUGE. I had to find a manufacturing company to produce these tools and package them and upgrade my website.

And here we are today with the perfect tool to remove meat from your coconut.

Photo of the Coconut Tool

The solution: The Coconut Tool®!

So if you’re interesting in enjoying the smooth, delicious taste of homemade raw coconut milk …

If you want to reach the massive amounts of benefits that raw coconut oil does for your skin, hair, and body …

And if you’d like to get meat out of a coconut in 60 seconds or less WITHOUT worrying about cutting your fingers off …

I highly recommend your order the awesome, original Coconut Tool right now using the link below.

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